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Daily News
5 9 Tuesday, 07-July-09, 8.55 PM
Thread: Enmity RO
Posted by: Enmity
Upcoming Events And Newly Discovered
1 16 Wednesday, 30-January-08, 10.22 AM
Thread: Upcoming Event Ideas.
Posted by: Natsuki
Reference for Future Updates
8 9 Wednesday, 30-January-08, 10.20 AM
Thread: • Rose Croix •
Posted by: Natsuki

Guild Chapters
Balong Bato Bombers
Balong Bato Bombers Guild
2 2 Tuesday, 20-May-08, 5.27 PM
Thread: High Rate Server
Posted by: asdawd1234
Chocolate Guild
0 0 No posts
Hellbound Guild
0 0 No posts
Andrea Allstars
Andrea Allstars Guild
3 1 Wednesday, 16-January-08, 9.38 PM
Thread: AndreaAllStars
Posted by: rimwolf

Suggestion / Comments
Help us to improve our server by posting
19 24 Tuesday, 08-April-08, 6.42 PM
Thread: Profile/Forum CP
Posted by: Kyuubi-Kanashii
General Discussion
21 80 Tuesday, 07-July-09, 9.02 PM
Thread: Enmity RO
Posted by: Enmity
Newbie World
Describe yourself here !
13 43 Saturday, 21-October-17, 2.42 AM
Thread: I'm a begginer ^_^
Posted by: karlosdelluka

Report Abuse
Report Abuse Player And GM Here !
1 0 Sunday, 23-December-07, 7.54 PM
Thread: How do I report abuse?
Posted by: Achillea
Bug Report
Report all Bug's you Found at IcemanRO
7 39 Tuesday, 11-March-08, 2.57 PM
Thread: Why it is that there are no ...
Posted by: nhea

Market Place
Buy Items
8 3 Thursday, 13-March-08, 11.32 AM
Thread: B> Cat thread , Sinew of Bea...
Posted by: nhea
Sell Items
3 0 Monday, 03-March-08, 3.15 PM
Thread: Selling +10Valk Set, Ingredi...
Posted by: nhea
Trade Items
2 2 Tuesday, 11-March-08, 2.34 PM
Thread: S/T> Kttulanux Card pm Offer...
Posted by: nhea

Passed Application
The Next GameMaster's
New GameMaster, Support, Police, Helper
9 15 Saturday, 21-October-17, 2.27 AM
Thread: New Malaysian GameMaster
Posted by: karlosdelluka

Application For GM
GM Application Here
1 40 Friday, 08-October-10, 9.37 PM
Thread: Application For GM
Posted by: nick
Application For Support
Support Application Here
1 3 Friday, 18-January-08, 4.11 PM
Thread: Application For Support
Posted by: oliver85
Application For Police
Police Application Here
1 10 Saturday, 22-May-10, 11.47 AM
Thread: Application For Police
Posted by: Jhaytii
Application For Helper
Helper Application Here
1 6 Saturday, 01-March-08, 2.16 AM
Thread: Application For Helper
Posted by: Sisa

Want to Sponsor IcemanRO? Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly ETC...
1 1 Saturday, 22-May-10, 11.49 AM
Thread: Sponsor
Posted by: Jhaytii
Donate For IcemanRO
All kinds of Amounts are Accepted
1 3 Saturday, 22-May-10, 1.10 AM
Thread: Donate For IcemanRO
Posted by: Jhaytii

Limited Offer
Gold Member
want to be a Gold Member Apply Here
1 12 Saturday, 22-May-10, 1.12 AM
Thread: Gold Member
Posted by: Jhaytii

International Section
Spanish Players
1 2 Wednesday, 09-January-08, 11.54 PM
Thread: Haaii ^^ / Hoolaa ^^
Posted by: Natsuki
Portuguese Players
0 0 No posts
German Players
1 1 Saturday, 29-December-07, 7.45 AM
Thread: Haaaallo
Posted by: Eckho
Italian Players
0 0 No posts
Philippines Players
3 1 Saturday, 22-May-10, 1.14 AM
Thread: Admin or any Mods
Posted by: Jhaytii
Other Languages
Other Non-English Players
2 24 Wednesday, 06-February-08, 4.53 PM
Thread: 大家好!
Posted by: Achillea

GFX Section
Anything Related To Arts Such as Signature,Avatar,Drawing,Emotions,Icons...etc
1 9 Wednesday, 30-January-08, 10.28 PM
Thread: Sig Rating
Posted by: Natsuki

Trash Can
Trash Item
Off Topic, Double Post, ETC....
2 3 Sunday, 03-February-08, 6.41 AM
Posted by: Eckho

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